Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, CATALST Implementers!

The following statistics instructors are coming from all over the United States to visit the University of Minnesota this fall. Their goal is to see the CATALST course in action and to gain some insight for when they teach their own version of the CATALST course.

Jennifer Noll            September 7th and September 8th
Joe Nowakowski     September 12th and September 13th
Jim Albert                September 20th
Sheila Weaver         September 28th and September 29th
Dean Nelson           October 6th
Sabrina Ripp           October 10th and October 11th
Terri Pigott               Late Fall

During their time in Minneapolis, they will be able to see how CATALST classes really work by observing some of them in person and experiencing their unique and vibrant atmosphere. The University of Minnesota instructors they will be observing are Andrew Zieffler, Laura Le, Rebekah Isaak and Laura Ziegler. The implementers will have a chance to chat with these instructors as well as with Joan Garfield and Robert delMas if they have questions related to teaching methods and the CATALIST curriculum. In addition to conversations about how the CATALST group does things, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussions on how the implementers can use and adapt the CATALST materials in their own teaching.

Jennifer Noll and Robert delMas discuss the finer details of learning to cook...I mean eat.

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