Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet Anelise Sabbag!

Hi everyone!

I hope I can stay with that smile until the end of the program!
My name is Anelise Sabbag and I am an international master's student from Brazil. I arrived here in Minneapolis 4 weeks ago and I am still getting used to my new life style here in the U.S. Like most Brazilians I have never seen snow but I hope with God’s help and the right clothes I can survive Minnesota’s winter!

My undergraduate degree was in Statistics at the Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil and as soon as I started studying I was gently forced to teach my friend’s daughter who was having a hard time in math and physics at school. That was my first step towards teaching and I ended up loving it! I worked as an instructor in reinforcement schools and autonomously for eight years, tutoring mostly high school students.  

Once I was done with my undergraduate degree it was time to work in the area, but after a short experience as a professional in statistics I realized that teaching was much more rewarding and fun than any other profession.  Being a teacher is the first step to change the world and make a difference! As an instructor you can interact directly with students, help them overcome subject barriers and show them the real meaning of numbers and graphics! On the other hand working as a statistician usually means interacting with the screen of your computer for loooong hours!

So on one hand I had statistics and on the other education…what to do now?  Well, the best solution I came up with was looking for a master's degree that could combine those two areas of interest. By that time, I found out about the master's degree in Quantitative Methods in Education at the University of Minnesota. The perfect mix! Now that I started this program, I just need to successfully complete it in order to become a competent professor of statistics!


  1. Hey Nê !!!!
    Good luck for you =)
    You´ll be a champion my friend!!!


  2. Hi Anelise!
    We are cheering for you. \o/
    I have no doubts you will be sucessfull in all you want.



  3. Hey dear! =)

    After I read your post, I realised you have a gift! That's a blessing in your life and other people.

    I would like to share something with you. "If time heals all wounds, then why don't they make clock band-aids?" Good question, isn't it? Don't be afraid, you get there! =D

    Kisses from Brazil!


  4. Anelise, você é uma maravilha de menina, iluminada por Jesus Cristo, e Ele mora em você! Ele é a sua moradia! Não tenha medo de nada, você é mais do que vencedora, vencedora é pouco então você é mais do que vencedora!! Deus te abençõe, seja forte e corajosa, não temas, o Senhor é com você por onde for. Onde o seu pé pisar virará ouro e todos poderão olhar o próprio rosto nesse ouro refletido!!

    Deus te abençõe muuuuuito!!


  5. Anelise, you're a wonderful girl, illuminated by Jesus Christ, and He lives in you! It is his home! Do not be afraid of anything, you are more than winning is winning then you are little more than a conqueror! God bless you, be strong, courageous, be not afraid, the Lord is with you wherever you go. Where his foot stepping on it will turn gold and everyone can look at his face reflected in gold!

    God bless you sooo!


  6. Good luck! Statistical Education is a very attractive field, indeed! And you will be a winner, that´s for sure!

    Keep your smile for ever.

    Kisses, Lisbeth Cordani (Brasil)