Friday, March 29, 2013

The Journal of Statistics Education shines out in new directions

(Photo source: Chandra X-ray Observatory, Smithsonian Institution)
Michelle Everson's hard work as the new editor of the Journal of Statistics Education has borne fruit! The March issue is hot off the presses and freely available online. The issue includes new research on faculty views of statistics, a presentation of a delicious active learning exercise using M&M's, and a new regular feature on research for K-12 education by Tim Jacobbe of the University of Florida.

Michelle is also bringing her social media experience to help spread JSE's beautiful words to new realms. You can catch up with JSE on its facebook page and follow its Twitter feed, @JStatEd. The JSE team is also planning a series of webinars on CAUSEweb starting in June to give readers a chance to interact with the authors of recent JSE features.

You can read all about the JSE team's plans on the JSE page and read the new issue here.