Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Southbeach, Bringin' the Heat...

Rebekah, Michelle and Laura Z. sample
the Miami nightlife.

Laura Z., Rebekah and Michelle resample
the Miami nightlife.

Laura Z. uses an acronymic title in her talk...she
must be in statistics education!

Michelle receives the Waller Award. (video)

Monday, August 8, 2011

End of Summer

Dani Ben-Zvi and Joan Garfield at SRTL-7.
Here we are in mid-August already. Just a quick update on some of what has happened with the Catalysts for Change this summer.

  • Andy, Bob, and Joan presented some interview data from the CATALST course at SRTL-7.
  • Rebekah gave a talk entitled The Course as Textbook during an invited session at JSM in Miami.
  • Laura Z. gave a talk entitled CART in CATALST during an invited session at JSM in Miami.
  • Michelle Everson organized and was a panelist in a session at JSM called Teaching Statistics in an Online Environment:  Challenges and Opportunities. She also was a panelist in another session (that Amy Froelich organized) called Outstanding Innovations in Statistics Education:  Past, Present, and a Glimpse at the Future. If that wasn't enough, Michelle also led a roundtable discussion on Becoming a Teacher of Statistics, and went to the JSE Business Meeting, the Stat Ed Business Meeting (and two Executive Committee meetings before that), as well as the CAUSE Activists meeting. (Whew!)
We have also been working hard at getting the CATALST course ready for the fall semester. We have several implementers from institutions all over the country getting ready to implement CATALST this upcoming fall.