Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catalyst Team in Boston

Danny Kaplan was presented with the Dex Whittinghill Award for best contributed paper at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston on Wednesday evening.

Other highlights included Rebekah Isaak presenting on the MOSAIC project, Joan and Andy taking part in a panel presentation about the Common Core standards, posters presented by Laura Ziegler (CATALST), Laura Le (e-ATLAS), Robert delMas (STURR) and Danny Kaplan (MOSAIC), "Catalyst Cooks coming to Harvard", and a workshop with implementers of the CATALST curriculum.

Joan and Andy on the Common Core Standards panel.

Lively discussion at the CATALST Implementers Workshop.

Minnesota Alley at the NSF poster session.

Joan and Carl Morris discuss cooking.
Rebekah explains CATALST to Casey while Art Dempster (on wall) looks on.