Thursday, October 10, 2013

Social Media and Statistics Education

Dr. Michelle Everson is helping to catalyze new directions in statistics education through social media and the online classroom.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide not only distractions, but also great opportunities.  Building on her work in online classrooms and her teaching experiments that incorporate social media, the University of Minnesota's Michelle Everson provides some tips and resources for using social media to teach some resources in the latest AMSTAT News. She candidly shares both the successes and failures that she's experienced using these approaches.

For a deeper dive, Michelle has also recently published an overview of the pedagogy of social media in the latest issue of Computers and Human Behavior, with coauthors Ellen Gundlach of Purdue University, and Jaqueline Miller of Ohio State University.  Entering the maelstrom of social media is a bit easier with these thoughtful and seasoned teachers to guide you!