Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Allan Rossman Gives Grand Finale Talk in Becoming a Teacher of Statistics Course

Allan Rossman: His favorite polysyllabic word is 'polysyllabic'.

Inspired by the Xiao-Li's graduate course on teaching statistics at Harvard, Joan Garfield and Michelle Everson decided to add a Grand Finale speaker to their course: Becoming a Teacher of Statistics. The Grand Finale speaker this spring was Allan Rossman, who addressed the class (and a few guests) on Monday May 7.

His advice regarding good teaching: Ask good questions!

The students in this class enjoyed a variety of guest speakers during the semester. Bob delMas, Danny Kaplan, Julie Legler, and Audbjorg Bjornsdottir all made guest appearances in the course. Other speakers were 'brought' to the course and via Skype, including Michael Bulmer, Nick Horton, Chris Franklin, Cary Roseth, Robin Lock, Kari Lock Morgan, George Cobb, and Rob Gould.

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  1. You only needed Shaughnesy, Chance, BenZzi, and the guy from USF to make it complete. Sounds like an awesome class.