Sunday, June 26, 2011

AP Stat Reading, CAUSE Webinar and a New Book

Auja Bjornsdottir, Jiyoon Park, Michelle Everson, and Laura Ziegler participated in the A.P. Statistics reading in June. All except Laura were Acorns and the rumor is that they didn't take part in a skit. For more information about the A.P. Statistics course, visit the College Board website [Click Here]. You can also find out more about the A.P. reading at the following:

Rebekah Isaak, Laura Le, and Laura Ziegler also gave a webinar for CAUSE on the CATALST course in June. 

This webinar provides an overview of the research foundations of a radically different introductory statistics course: the CATALST course. This course teaches students the skills they need in order to truly cook with statistics, not just the procedures they need in order to follow a statistical recipe. In addition to the research foundations of the course, we will describe unique aspects of this course as well as details of a one-year teaching experiment to learn how this course can be taught and its impact on student learning.

You can view the webinar, Create an Iron Chef in statistics classes?, on CAUSEweb.

Lastly, Springer has recently published the book Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics–Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education. The book, which was edited by Carmen Batanero, Gail Burrill, and Chris Reading, is the product of a joint collaboration between the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) and the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE). It is also a product of the 2008 IASE Roundtable Conference. Joan Garfield and Chris Franklin co-authored a chapter in the book. The book, which is also available through Amazon [click here], is described on the Springer website as follows:

In recent years, there have been an expansion and renewal of the statistics content in the mathematics curricula in many countries through all school grade levels from primary to secondary levels. However, no similar attention has been paid to the preparation of mathematics teacher to teach statistics at these levels. This book presents the results from the Joint ICMI/IASE Study, Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics. Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Education that was  intended to address the lack of attention  to teaching statistics by promoting international collaborative  research specifically focussed on the education and professional development of teachers to teach statistics.The volume covers a very wide field, including examples of statistics curricula and teacher education programmes around the world; analysis of the fundamentals to teaching statistics;  survey chapters of research related to teachers’ attitudes, beliefs and knowledge related to fundamental statistics ideas and its teaching; and analyses of challenges and experiences related to training teachers to teach statistics. The book is designed to be useful to researchers in mathematics education and statistics education teacher educators,  and people involved in curricular development in statistics with the hope that it will foster further research in the problems related to educating teachers to teach statistics at different school levels. It could be of interest to teachers themselves, since the basic ideas for teaching statistics and the research summarised  in the book both in learning difficulties or teaching strategies is applicable in both the training of students and teachers.

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