Monday, April 11, 2011

Statistics Education Paper Published in JRSS

The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A) has published a statistic education paper written by Chris Wild, Maxine Pfannkuch, Matt Regan and Nick Horton. The paper is being made available for free by Wiley for a limited time period. [Access the paper here.]

The paper is titled Towards More Accessible Conceptions of Statistical Inference and includes discussions by John MacInnes, Peter Holmes, Adrian Bowman, Jim Ridgway, John Pullinger, James Nicholson, Thomas King and Clare M. Woodford, Julian Stander and Rana Moyeed, Ramesh Kapadia, Alan Agresti, Janet Ainley and Dave Pratt, Murray Aitken, Adrian Baddeley, Manfred Borovcnik, Mike Camden, Len Cook, Neville Davies, N. I. Fisher, Joan Garfield and Andrew Zieffler, Andrew Gelman, Harvey Goldstein, Robert Gould, Sander Greenland, Paul Hewson, Kuldeep Kumar, D. V. Lindley, Thomas A. Louis, Helen MacGillivray, Xiao-Li Meng, Deborah Nolan, Sastry Pantula and Ron Wasserstein, Emanuel Parzen, Brian Pink, J.-F. Plante and N. Reid, Donald B. Rubin, Richard L. Scheaffer, Milo Schield, Michael Stuart, and Dennis Trewin.


  1. I'm biased, but I really like this paper! :-)

  2. I also think the paper is very good, so surely ( E[worth liking] - worth liking) is small and hence you are actually unbiased ;-)

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