Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stat Chat (Follow-Up)

On Tuesday February 22, 2011 the Catalysts for Change presented the CATALST curriculum at the monthly Stat Chat meeting. After a rousing dinner, Stat Chatters were invited to take part in an activity that not only gave them an opportunity to witness first-hand how the course is taught, but also introduced them to the metaphor of cooking that has become ubiquitous with the CATALST curriculum.

After that activity, a brief overview of the entire course was shown. The activities and student homeworks for Unit 1 were given a more thorough examination. Within this part of the presentation, TinkerPlots was also demonstrated for the participants. Stat Chatters were also given a cursory look at Unit 2 and methods of introducing the randomization and bootstrap tests were revealed.

The slides used can be obtained here. [PDF]

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