Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meet Jiyoon Park!

Hi all!

Jiyoon Park considers her own
neuroscientific process.
This is Jiyoon Park, another Ph.D. student in the Statistics Education Program at the University of Minnesota. This is my third year of studying statistics education. My undergraduate studies were in mathematics education in Korea, and afterward, I taught mathematics in a high school in Seoul for four years. I got my Master's degree in mathematics education at UT-Austin, and came to Minnesota in 2008. 

Now I am taking two courses, and teaching one statistics course. The courses I am taking are--EPSY 8215 (Advanced Research Methodology, Dr. Harwell) and EPSY 8114 (Mathematical Cognition, Dr. Varma). The research methods course is a requirement for all EPSY Ph.D. students. This is very helpful course to learn about experimental design in educational settings, especially if you are at the beginning stage of your dissertation. This course is designed to help us prepare an oral prelim paper, as well as, the methodology section of the dissertation.  I am taking the cognition course because I wanted to learn something about "reasoning", "problem solving", and approaches to "understanding people's thinking process". These are all related to the topic of my dissertation.  In addition to the topics of cognition and thinking, we are also learning about neuroscientific approaches to understanding people's thinking process, which is really fun!

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